About Heli Adventure Flights Ltd

Heli Adventures Flights goal is to exceed your expectations. The versatility of helicopters allows a flexibility that only the imagination can limit.

Heli Adventure Flights specialise in scenic flights, wilderness adventures, exclusive charter and aerial work.

Based close to Huka Lodge and the iconic natural wonder of Huka Falls. 

Please feel free to contact the knowledgeable and friendly team at any time:

E-mail: adventure@helicoptertours.co.nz

or call:  0508-43-54-74

Wow—fantastic memories!

A do-not-miss pure wilderness adventure, and as usual, Bruce and his team looked after us in first class fashion. Professional, personal, educational, competent, FUN…what a day! We experienced places where the only sounds are waterfalls and bellbirds. Took a fantastic picnic along an incredible stretch of pristine river. Fished some spots unknown even to some locals.
Technical expertise was obvious and every detail was handled; our pilot/guide stressed safety at all times. A wealth of knowledge, he treated us to more regional history, sights, flora and fauna factoids and great food. He His love and appreciation for the environment around us was so apparent, what a pleasure. Definitely a top notch experience throughout.

We’ve returned for several trips and Helistar consistently exceeds our high expectations. Want to enjoy a special day with friendly, switched-on local guides? Really see spectacular scenery? Really get into areas untraveled? Heli flight seeing is unreal and Helistar is superb. Highly recommend.

James Varnam, Liz Payne, Trish Wallace, CA USA Return Guests