About Heli Adventure Flights Ltd

Heli Adventures Flights goal is to exceed your expectations. The versatility of helicopters allows a flexibility that only the imagination can limit.

Heli Adventure Flights specialise in scenic flights, wilderness adventures, exclusive charter and aerial work.

Based close to Huka Lodge and the iconic natural wonder of Huka Falls. 

Please feel free to contact the knowledgeable and friendly team at any time:

E-mail: adventure@helicoptertours.co.nz

or call:  0508-43-54-74

Valued 30 min Flight to Remember

We flew on the Taste of Taupo which was the 30 minute flight. It was very good value for money, and we would be glad to recommend this flight anytime. Many thanks Helistar… your service was AAAAA +

Clair and Greg Cropper